Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two of my friends went to Ironman and all I got was this T-shirt!

 So the guys returned victorious from Hawaii this week and we all anxiously await their recounting of adventures at the great Kona Ironman.  I've always said that the closest I'll ever come to Kona was in 1994 when I was third overall and second in my age group, standing right next to the two women on the podium who snagged slots to Ironman.  But I think the gift that EP dropped off today brings me just a bit closer to the real thing.

Yeah...I heard it was really hot out there on the lava beds.
My friends can properly identify my taste!
Now, forever more, I can say: "I may not have raced Ironman, but I have a shirt from the big island, hand-delivered from a Real Ironman."

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