Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three hours on the trainer? Why Not?

The socks are on display, here.
The unveiling of the knee high variegated yarn toe-up socks!  Now that they're both complete I can embrace March with vigor!  Not many more wintery knit items on the agenda, and what's left I can finish before the clouds clear.  Addie took this photo this morning after I spent a couple of hours on the trainer.  If you know any tri-geeks, you know these make a great substitute for compression socks, which are all the rage amongst the Iron folks.  I love my jacket, which I donned because it was the nearest item of clothing that would cover my sweaty jog bra.  Today I was at home on my trainer, pinning on Pinterest, listening to Spotify, and tracking my friends' progress while they're actually out there in the world on their bicycles.  I'm thinking that for now, this is the new me! Between Indigo and her little brother, I'm supplied a nearly constant supply of really beautiful pictures of really beautiful places.  I can keep track of my family. I never get too cold or too hot. I can even learn and practice a new crochet technique!  It's all quite literally within my reach, and I guess the real question is: Why Not??


  1. Thanks for continuing to share.

  2. killer socks, dude!
    always happy to pin more pretty places ;)

  3. Thanks, Indigo! I'm so thrilled with the socks! I fear that my socks will get longer and longer!