Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day at the Beach...We're in it for the poster...

Spring break?  Florence foul weather? Must be time for the SOLV annual Oregon beach clean-up! Kids have become reluctant over the years, but this year we had a celebrity showing! Peter joined us, and was that a save! He and Addie were wandering along the beach cracking jokes, he even managed to wrestle out of her the fact that she has homework to do before we go home (hmmm).  It's always a sort of uncomfortable adventure, even I must admit.  Frankly, we're leaving behind a community that for all of it's natural beauty, let's be honest, there is litter EVERYWHERE  and, yes, even in pristine Oak Park.  The trash bags that we filled? That's about how much trash is left lying on our alley after the trash and recycling company collects our refuse every Tuesday (that would be Waste Management). So for me, it always seems a bit strange to haul my suburban family all the way to the Oregon Coast for a clean-up endeavor, one in which, although it's army of volunteers manage to collect TONS of trash every year along the entire Oregon Coast,  we could easily do a lot more picking up a mere steps from our own back door.  But I digress, we're here, it's an annual event, and, have I said, the posters are always lovely!? So, with five posters in hand, I can return to suburbia, emboldened by the idea that plastic bags won't disappear unless we never use them in the first place, and that plastic, every little plastic thing in our world, eventually will be a crushed little piece of just doesn't go anywhere.

Here we are!

Always spectacular!

Former furniture? plyboard, nails, laminate, plastic tubes, and more.

"I could stay here all day!"

"This is what I'm going to do (in life), I'm going to go around, finding places to hide in the grass"

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