Friday, January 21, 2011

So here I go again, back on a big plane to the motherland.

Just ask Willie . And yes, this is a walk down memory lane. Over one of our sumptuous meals this summer on our way to the UP (that was a bike ride, loyal readers remember), we were naming the first concert we had ever gone to.  Me?  I took Betsy to Willie Nelson at Mac Court in 9th grade (Betsy was my tennis partner, good friend and we still exchange holiday cards). 

OK, it's an airport.

Up at 4AM, on a plane at 7AM, sleeping as we hurl across the country, only to land in San Francisco for a stop at Peet's for my first coffee of the day. As usual, the coffee is fabulous, the scone tastes exactly the same as every scone I've purchased at a Peet's in the East Bay, and sun is flooding into the terminal.  Yes, Sun! Warm sun, I sat and bathed in the sunlight for a good long hour before I had to catch my next flight.

People live here? I'm agog. (crossword puzzle word:cpw)
 Scott and Ann picked me up at the airport and after Cafe Yumm it was the much anticipated meeting with eldercare lawyer in Eugene.  Good old Eugene, the lawyer's office is this funky natural wood with contemporary design nested in greenery smack dab in the middle of what eons ago was a sort of boring neighborhood but now it's all coffee, yarn, bikes, natural food, you know the drill...

Check the redwood! Not to be found in MD or IL!

Karen visits an attorney

So it's no secret that Scott and Ann are trying to get themselves back to the west coast, and in my selfish heart there's no absence of a desire for them to move right back here, to Eugene. Wouldn't that solve a few problems?  And what better way to nestle up in the land of nostalgia and hope than to go by the old house.  Scott lived here from 3 to 18 then again when he bought the house from Mom and Dad for another 9 years or so in the 80s and 90's.  It's a great neighborhood in a fabulous town, but the '60s houses haven't held up terribly well.  Nevertheless, there are hybrids in practically every driveway, lots of funky yard decorations, bumper stickers, well, yeah, it is Eugene, after all.

Scott crashed his skateboard here & finally lost the scar.

my first concussion was at the base of this hill (bike crash).


  1. Fancy mirror shot- your long lost twin sister!

  2. hey, i'm not even done w/this post! my traffic must be so heavy i need a new technique for testing my music posts!

  3. good god. you must be exhausted! did your phone recover? xxxxooooo

  4. omg. I am so out of it. You have to warn me when you're flying through here. BART does go to SFO now, you know!

  5. i still don't have a phone but a droid is coming to florence soon! and indigo, really, it was a very short-ish layover, and with no phone, that's why you didn't know. email pete for the video of ad. snowboarding w/jodi!!!omg!
    hoping addie posts it on HER blog!