Saturday, January 1, 2011


With Mom more or less safely deposited at Regency, Dad and I looked at her salmon lunch and thought it was time for us to go out and eat lunch. Highway 101 houses most of the joints in Florence, and one that I haven't visited is Kathleen & Nina's (remember Laverne & Gail's?)

actually, you CAN say yummy enough, but it was good enough.

Crochet Fever!

I mention Laverne and Gail's for the obvious reasons. Small town, local joint, handwritten signs on wall, etc...but the highlights of Kathleen & Nina's included a crochet collection for sale at the cash register and a terrific pig collection.  I counted ninety seven pigs from where I was seated, but our server admitted that they have thousands of pigs.  Customers bring them in and they put them in boxes.  And so it goes:
Piggy times thousands


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  1. Can you sell your crochet there?
    Did this place remind you of the restaurant you guys visited on the UP bike ride?