Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Year of the Afghan!

Started in the mid-1950's
My mother has been working on a knit afghan for virtually all of my life.  The thing sat in an enormous knitting basket for years and years and years.  When I was a teenager and had a habit of rummaging through family mementos and any craft-related items, I would occasionally suggest to Mom that I might take it upon myself to finish the beast and she usually said that she'd get around to it one day.  Sure enough, Mom did work on a few panels in her retirement, but let's be honest, it really wasn't her thing.  Her greatest knit accomplishment over the course of time was a huge collection of Christmas stockings for our family and godchildren, and grandchildren.  So in November I threw up my hands and insisted it was time for me to bring the afghan home.  I'm totally captivated by this idea of re-tooling the afghans from the attic and am beginning to form a bit of a collection.  This butterfly Afghan was supposed to be either 35 or 17 butterflies, but somewhere along the way only five or so were knit.  By the time I picked up the project there were quite a few solid panels, and not enough of one of the colors to complete any more than two butterflies, so this is what I came up with. Addie took the available panels, did a bit a planning and created what I think is a fabulous look.  Finished, and not even an offensive blend of the dramatically different tensions in knitting style.

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  1. It's wonderful actually...kudos to Addie for an excellent spatial sense of design....