Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moving Day!

goodbye, Lotus Room
Discharge day!  Mom is heading out of the hospital for the greener pastures of a rehab facility.  We're all sad to leave the care of Peace Harbor employees. They are all sharp, friendly, helpful and good at what they do.  Yet another reason my parents don't come out and stay with us in IL.  I can't imagine this sort of care in Chicago for anybody but the most wealthy and/or connected folks.
It's a new world.  Wheelchairs and vans that carry them.
 I enjoyed the moments I shared with the cabdriver.  He, like most Oregonians I encounter, has never been to Chicago, until a year ago when he was in Rosemont for the World's Biggest Miniature Show!! He laughed at the irony....biggest miniature.  He and his wife made oodles of money in the high nineties, set up a miniature business, then the economy tanked and now what.  There's always cabdriving around Florence.  If you've been reading the news, the one sector of our population that hasn't been flattened by the economy is the elderly (for now)....well, also the rich, also, but who notices that?
Sunny day in Florence--a good thing.

Looks pleasant enough, but it's a double room with two tv's.  instant trouble.
 In case we were worried that the scenery from the nursing home would be blase, we are in Florence after all. So the air is clean, the greenery is lush.  Nice ground floor window. And behold...Holiday Cheer in the form of awful inflatable xmas scene with swirling snow.  Hydroelectric power forever!
holiday cheer a-la melrose park.
And so it goes, as Bob Seger says: Turn the Page.

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