Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letters to Eva, Part II (Mushroomitis)

More from my Grandmother to her cousin, Eva, written on Tuesday, November 7, 1939:

Dear Eva and Ruth-
Is this the letter you said I would have to write, a bread and butter note? If so, I'll have to watch and keep it a note. This isn't note paper to begin with so that is a bad start.
We had a very nice trip home, wet pavement only to Otis and no fog, rain, ice or sleet anywhere. Before we got to Otis, i remarked that I thought we were traveling too fast for wet pavement. Art slowed down and kept so until I wished he would speed up but decided we might as well travel along comfortably. Eva, you should have been along. We must have gotten here about 9:30, forgot to look until it was 9:45 and I had done quite a bit already by that time. We were going to check the mileage but as we usually do, forgot to look at it when we got home.
It had been a nice day here all day, Sunday. We have not had any rain since returning except for about 5 minutes of drops, enough to make me run out and grab my clothes yesterday (Mon.) when they were about dry (4PM). Why don't you decide to bring your laundry here and do it and incidentally stay a few days. I'll guarantee that no one will interrupt you and ask you to walk down the road with them.
Yesterday my plans were interrupted. I had hoped to work outside, make some ice box cookies and other odd jobs. Before I had the noon dishes done, the girl who lives in the house up at the hop yard came. She rode down with her husband who is helping in the potato field--her only way of getting here. I do not really enjoy her company but i feel sorry for her. She is the one I told you about--here from North Dakota. She expects her baby in about a month so she gets rather lonesome now and I had told her to come down sometime. I am giving her some of the remaining things I have of Carolyn's.
Today, before taking Carolyn to her music lesson, I took some chrysanthemums  to a lady in Hubbard who has been sick, went to another place and left an old coat of Carolyn's for a neighbor child and then took Mrs. Hatcher to Woodburn with us. Both afternoons have been interrupted--am hoping for a day at home tomorrow.
I still have a dress and shirt to iron tonight. Would rather do it now than to hold it over till morning. Just got thru baking the ice box cookies while I was washing the dishes. Made them this morning. They are called "Cream Snaps", good to have on hand and for Carolyn's lunches.
I surely did enjoy our visit with you and you certainly spoiled me by trying to do everything as I wanted to do it. Of course the decisions were hard on my shoulders but I hope I can let mine rest sometime and see how strong yours are. Them meals, wasn't them grand! Of course the last meal was the hoop=la one but if I could have only one repeated, give me crab and garlic bread!
I am wondering what you will do with all those mushrooms. I'm sure they won't keep indefinitely and you can hardly eat them 3 times a day.
The meat you sent home seemed especially good. Wondered if it were due to sea air or just the way you had cooked it. Art and I had ours at noon and left Carolyn her share to have at night.
How is your jelly or haven't you had time to make it? Wish you had the 2 or 3 extra quinces I have here to use with them. Might not taste so good but would at least help them to jell.
Ruth, Mrs. brown hasn't your stamps yet and isn't sure she can get them. The one time she tried, the wrong man was there (where, Salem?) The assistant was there and she wanted the real one or vice versa. She says she will try again, there are some she wants too. Guess she isn't telling you anything you don't already know when she says to tell you the dollar stamps are worth a dollar and a half now.
According to Art, we left a towel  of some description at your place. He asked if I got the towel he took. Not knowing he even took one, I didn't know enough to even look for it. I might be better off never to see it again.
Wednesday 10 AM
Did you have a storm last night? It blew so hard around here in the night that I expected to hear some of these fir trees crash on the house. It rained too but oh, the wind. All this morning, it has been beautifully clear, sun shining and a beautiful blue sky. Nothing to indicate there had been a storm except my asters and zinnias are on their last legs.
You should be here to see the potatoes hauled in--they go by here across the lane. Hope someone besides you or rather there are people who have more time than you to cook all of them. I'm having macaroni and cheese this noon--a good old substantial dish when one can't think of anything else. Of course I'll have to find about 6 other things for Art to eat or else he won't think he has had a meal.
We had a few mushrooms Monday night with a beef roast we had. Good. Hope you don't suffer from mushroomitis.
We all thank you again for a grand time and I wouldn't mind coming again. Please feel free to come here anytime you feel the urge--a couple hours drive isn't anything. You wouldn't need to let us know except to be sure someone was home. A telegram can always be phoned--Art sent one to me from Toledo not long ago. Remember our phone number is Aurora 903. All this is in case you decided to up and come instead of agating.
With Love, 



  1. I think this qualifies as more than a bread and butter blog post.

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  3. whats the part about mushrooms? i got bored after the first line.