Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crochet Fever!

When I arrived here in Florence on Monday night I was relieved to see that Mom was cheerful and alert, although her legs aren't doing what she tells them to do.  Even better, at the foot of her bed, sweetly folded, was a crochet afghan, donated by the ladies auxiliary for hospital patients.

half double crochet, stash bin blanket

Sherman Alexie fans might remember Sherman's story about visiting his Dad in a Washington hospital and his description of trying to find a sufficient blanket to warm the old man. I first read the story in the New Yorker, then again in War Dances. Every time I encounter hospitals I think about that story.  Why don't these places provide warmer blankets for their patients?  What good is a bed without comfy covering?  If you are really industrious, you might ask Peter about our bed covering story from about a week ago, but that content is beyond bloggable, unfortunately.

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