Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tough Girls!

ready in the alley
That's all I can say about this morning.  While I have a gaggle of male cycling buddies that were so proud to be out there today on their mountain bikes on the DPRT or whatever, I'm fully engulfed in the world of parenting and bringing kids to the places that they need to be, rain or shine.  Today, for example, Peter had the car and brought Addie to the swim meet in Berwyn.  I, meantime, had no car and chose to BIKE with sweet Ashby all the way to martial arts for belt promotion test.  This is no simple exam.  It  is  a four hour experience in self control and respect.  What a fabulous way to get the day started, we bundle up while snow is still falling in the very first fall of the year and bike all the way to the Dohjong.  Bad Ass Girls, Indeed!  We are proud, strong, and seriously committed to our own form of singular insanity.  By the way, girl displayed terrific tenacity, focus and strength come testing time.  Check out the video below.
careful first pedal stroke--is it too slushy?

No problem!
 When we were almost at the Dohjong, up drives Peter in the car.  I wonder, what's wrong?  He suggested that perhaps I would like my camera to take pictures of Ashby.  But of course!  First, take a picture of our snow-covered selves!  In case you are wondering, you're now looking at an almost full-fledged blue belt!  Way to go, Ashby!
Almost there!


  1. dang... badass doesn't even begin to describe you girls!!!

  2. You said you barely could walk (not true)