Sunday, December 19, 2010

Clean Coal is Like Dry Water

 Time to clean the tea cabinet.  After years of having "plenty" of tea on hand, I've finally crossed over into the land of no return.  It would seem that I have more tea than is needed in  one household.  In fact, I counted 30 distinct containers of tea. Of teas labeled: women's hormonal, kava anti-anxiety,  sleepytime, immune suppression, joint flexor,  cough-off, relaxed mind, yerba mate of all style, and of course, anti-oxidant.
Naturally, once I've got all the containers stashed away in three distinct areas  of the kitchen, I count
30 boxes of tea.

Speaking of 30, Peter dropped me off at the Alehouse for our group viewing of Ironman 2010 and here it is,

Remember who you wanted to be; God bless the freaks; pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice; fight terror, ride a bike; the arts are not a luxury; 1984 Bush Cheney, War is Peace, Real families value gay relatives, and so on....

another bumper stickered car.  This time I wasn't going to let the driver get away, so I followed her into the green home products store.  I exclaimed that I loved her sticker collection and wondered where she lived (I had already noted the Oakland Saturn license plate frame) but obviously she has moved to our region.  She lives in Elgin (nowhere near Oak Park) and she told me that she once encountered a woman in Berkeley who had counted bumper stickers.  She has 30!  I realized that I have not taken time or consideration to count ours, most likely in the 30 area, but there's a difference with the smallish-stickers vs. standard bumper sticker size.

This one was everywhere years ago. Now I never see it.  In fact, I mentioned this sticker to a cycling buddy of mine a few years back and he insisted that he had never seen it.  hmmm....

This car even has contact with coalminers and Kentucky! Here in IL a stunning amount of our low-cost electricity comes from coal burning power plants.  We, unlike Midwestern states such as Indiana and Wisconsin  haven't bothered to insist on upgrades to the aged factories and now we're stuck with abysmal smog producing plants....

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