Monday, December 13, 2010

Multitasking Installment #1

While out for a run this fall,  Kris suggested
that it would be great to be able to knit while running.  After all, the lesson of the fifth decade is that there is not nearly enough time to finish all of the projects that we would like to start and finish.  So this multitasking inspiration stuck (in fact, it reminded me of Mark's daughter, who is reputed to have knit while rock climbing).
Yesterday, given the bitter cold, I set my trainer up on the front porch, while Pete and the kids were snuggled up watching football in the basement.  Grabbed my computer for tunes, crochet scarf project and I'm there! Crochet plus cycling plus happy family.  The circle is complete!

This is possible!
I'm even on my aero bars!
darkness descends, and the insanity continues....
Did I select the easiest project? Not necessarily.  I admit, however, that this is the bulkiest yarn (#5) that I've ever worked with, and the fattest hook (P), but who cares?  I'm in the game!  This is winnable!!!!

So, all things considered, another GREAT day!  I've decided that crochet is the needle art of choice for the trainer.  If I knit, I need more elbow movement and a recumbent ride would be much more appropriate.  I've always said that crochet is more portable than knit.

Next installment: blogging while cycling....

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