Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank Goddess, Once Again

Driving around in the horrendous rain on the Oregon Coast. Wondering what in the world I can do to help my parents through the next passage in life.  Feeling helpless, feeling overwhelmed, feeling alone, missing my family and friends. And then, there it is again, the magnificent KRVM playing Van Morrison, Celtic New Year.


  1. You are a wannabe Irish Jew!

    At least it wasn't this one:

  2. I knew you'd think about St. Domenics! Haha!
    What do you mean, Irish Jew?

  3. It is *all about* the radio. The radio! It saves our lives, over & over....

    360 MY FAMILY IS DRIVING ME CRAZY pencils are sold out! The first 52 sold out in the first 3 days, I ordered more, I have to order more again! Hahaha!

  4. re: Wanna be Irish Jew-- You are famously a wannabe Jewish person, and the your Celtic thing showed your deep affinity for the Irish people.

  5. Indigo, I didn't remember that you were retailing. Do tell!

  6. http://stephaniesyjuco.com/shadowshop/index.html

    I just ordered 585 more pencils. A lot of people's families are driving them crazy, apparently. I mean, I knew it was an eternal sentiment, but !!!