Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free frappuccinos & bad business advice

Another long Sunday ride, destination Starbucks. I'm meeting Jim and he had a flat. The surly suburbanites who work here seem to be having a tiff about their work. The gal who behaves as if she's in charge is grumbling something about "so we can make this store as efficient as possible." Great way to make being a coffee house employee miserable.  But I have fake money, in the form of preferred customer status. I whip out the coupon that Peter gave me and I ask what their biggest, baddest drink is. I'll sit outside and drink it while I peek in the FedEx office storefront and gaze at the rack of books for sale.  I love these to work for an idiot...survive and thrive without killing your boss; working with you is killing me...freeing yourself from emotional traps at work; can I wear my nose ring to the interview?; how to keep your job; happy; how to spot a liar; how to change anybody; and, finally: suddenly frugal.  Yeah. Maybe if we started at frugal we wouldn't have to be so miserable at work. But what am I saying, our beloved boss quit just last week.

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