Thursday, June 23, 2011

Illinois Wildlife, Again

Solstice came and went, and it's time to start loading on a bit of volume, particularly on the run. Went out midday and the winds and dark clouds were grim but not hot and no threat of thunder--perfect long run weather! I've come to accept that summer around here involves crazy weather. Sometimes, it's worthwhile to take pause and notice how surreal it all is. Like this scene I approached about four miles into my run. A solitary young deer, standing at the corner of Thatcher and Greenfield, as if waiting for the traffic to pause so that he/she might cross back into the Cook County Forest Preserve. The deer stared at me for a long while and a few drivers slowed to gaze. Finally a break and Bambi was off like a shot. I continued for another hour-plus, aided by my little bottles of sugar water and Pandora Radio.


  1. You saw Bambi! Isn't nature wonderful?

    You listened to Pandora! Isn't the internet wonderful?

    Life just keeps getting better. I mean it.

  2. Yes! With great friends and humor I seem to have lucked into a getting better life.