Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Another great day for summer fun. I met Addie after her tennis lesson with my racquet and we played for an hour a half.  This, I suppose, may have been why I decided to have kids in the first place...after all, I used to get frustrated years ago when I hit with Peter, something about him making fun of my overhead and too many drop shots. Fast forward twelve years, wow! This is so fun!  So after two and a half hours of tennis in quite hot sunny weather, I thought about what sort of treat we might purchase. The only retail establishment between the courts and home is 7-11, so now, loyal reader, you might guess where I took her. Not to be overly dramatic, but the squeal of joy that the kid let out highlights the very fact that we don't visit our local store often...more like...never.  So what a surprise do we find when we walk into the store but Ashby and J & V.  We all burst out about busted...but it is summer, after all.


happiness. said anything in the store!

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