Sunday, June 12, 2011

All dressed up and not ready to go

Birthday morning. I managed to get all geared up but not quite ready to leave the peace of the house and my current project (my first experience in broomstick lace crochet). Needless to say, I did get out for a hearty ride, followed by a brew at John's house, a nap, and finally a run with my trusty training buddy alongside me. Today I felt better than my forty-four years and I pulled out the TT (time trial/triathlon) bike. It's showtime! Sixty miles later, a northeast wind picking up, and twenty- two miles to go, I'm not so sure today was a good idea, but I'll make it, with my good ol' fashioned pluck and gumption!

Peter says: This is the shot that you need for your blog!
My running buddy--pit stops necessary! Drinking so-called sugar water and loving life!
What better cycling terrain....suburban industrial park?

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