Sunday, June 5, 2011

Triathlon 101: brick

 A brick is a workout in which we combine two of the activities in triathlon into one workout. Usually, a brick refers to a run following a bike ride. In my own training, as races near, I try to run one brick per week. Today I had the pleasure of going for a quick run after an unusually long ride. Sometimes a brick feels like running is useless and I get cramped up and feel as though I'm completely famished.  Sometimes I'm really too busy when I get back home after a ride to even think about leaving again for something so self-indulgent as more training.  Sometimes I'd rather pick up a magazine, take a shower, prepare a great meal, or check my email.  Today, however, after tidying the kitchen up and putting some laundry in the washer, and checking email and trying to coordinate evening plans with Peter, I had enough energy to get back out there in what had become one of the most picture perfect days of the year.  Motivation is certainly improved when it is sunny, not too humid, and about 76 degrees. I often think: "there's a reason why triathlon was invented in San Diego...not Chicago".
Tomorrow we can expect another onslaught of hot, humid weather, so for one day I enjoyed the feeling of effortless training.

Peter had some fun making the video.  Caption for the final seconds..."Where is Karen going?  Oh, not to her house!"  Implying somehow that I am running from my own life....well....quite possibly, but I'm back here, now.

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