Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Summer of the Doobie Brothers...

Here I am, shopping on a Monday morning during taper, and it's staring at me out the record store window.
Need I say more? This has been the highest of all summers.  Summer as one could only hope and imagine it is.  Started with a home break in, finished with a really long, hard race. In between, killer weather, great family, great friends, crafts, creativity, sunshine, sports, bikinis, lakes, oceans, sand and fresh vegetables galore.  It just doesn't get any better, and those of us who get to enjoy the delights of summer are gifted, period.  Why the Doobie Brothers? Well, the older we get, we just go back in time, again and again.  I can't think of a more fitting summer memory than that of being in a hippie college town in the 1970's, coming of age and listening to long haired white boys playing soulful rockin' music.  It's where I was, and every time I hear Michael McDonald's crossover voice I wilt and sing along and love the radio, once again.  Goofy, sure, but what wouldn't we do to be transported back to a time that moved more slowly, no immediate notifications of anything, just looking for a place to hang out on a summer afternoon and expecting the world to become a little bit better every year as we were all poised to become more enlightened, wiser, and groovy.


  1. Not just the Doobie Bros. How prophetic -- It's A Beautiful Day, and indeed it is. Back in the day, when it was published, I listened to that album incessantly. A year or two ago, I spotted it in the display at Val's, and voilĂ , I get to hear it on CD just as incessantly as I once did on vinyl. (Likely more, given that I can rip it to my computer and put it on repeat -- it's so good for my looping). It's on my ipod, so just ask when you want to hear it.

  2. Yes, play it for me on the way to swimming! Sorry this wasn't at Val Halla's, it's a store on Madison in Forest Park called Old School Records.