Sunday, August 21, 2011

IM Wisconsin Bike Route

Jim and I snuck up to Madison for a little ride, run and some r&r. The rain and storms were fierce in the morning, so we didn't hit the road until 11:30 AM. Until then, we drove around Madison, grabbed some coffee, and visited the site of an open water swim which was much delayed due to weather.  By the time we hit the bikes in Madison, we decided to do the first and final 15 of the IM course, plus one of the 38 mile loops rather than two.  I indulged the pacing goddesses and took it as easy as possible.  The day was simply spectacular and provided a rare opportunity for photographs.  This course is absolutely breathtaking, but since we often feel like we're on death's door while we're riding, it's tough to appreciate.  Yesterday wasn't one of those days.  I slowed down, stopped for photo ops, and took in as much fuel as I could handle.  Here's a sampling of what I saw:
Mile 30 & 68, approximately. Outside of Mt. Horeb

Three weeks out from race day, you'll see a lot of this.

Soon after we turn onto one of our first major descents

same view

This ambitious hill is always an adventure, a mile or so beyond last shot.

Stopping to get a view, for once.

Fish eye view

This is farmland, after all

Peak of Mt. Horeb, views in every direction.

Mile 35, 73

Pit stop. I'm not alone.

Anyone need coaching?  We'll make you faster, smarter, stronger, and more gorgeous!

Mile 45, 83.  Crest of hill.

Mile 48 & 86 or so. Final big climb before tumbling into Verona, the start (again) of the loop, or return to Madison

This is looking back down the ascent

Either the first descent (mile 10) or the final hill (mile 98) either way, it's a hammerfest.

Heading back towards Madison.

Day trip to the nearest progressive college town can't miss a visit to the local bumpersticker shop.  Is this seriously 139 miles from my home? What happened to Karen? How could this be?


  1. You're right, this post DOES make me want to sign up for IM Wisconsin for next year. This really has to be my favorite ride. *sigh* Wonderful pics :)

  2. I knew it! You, more than anybody, appreciate this course. Although Vineman course is also stunning.