Monday, September 27, 2010

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

"Like most cynics, he seemed to have contrived his own disillusionment by starting out expecting more from the world than he knew it could deliver. There was still the faintest trace of the youthful idealist in him, though, and it was that which made him dangerous."

I think that anybody who truly wants to emigrate to another country must take it upon themselves to invest in learning more about that country and the history of such.  Earlier this year I accidentally found myself entangled in a novel about the colony called Newfoundland, which, of course, is now part of Canada.   Written by Wayne Johnston, it's a piece of historical fiction that tells of the life of Joey Smallwood, who was a politician counted as responsible for bringing Newfoundland into the Canadian Confederacy in 1949.  


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  2. I'm wondering if you'll want to look into some of the books by Will Ferguson.

    His notable titles include:

    Why I Hate Canadians
    Canadian History for Dummies
    Bastards & boneheads: Canada's glorious leaders, past and present


  3. Also, you really need to start watching Red Green (on our local PBS), and get the DVDs of The Newsroom from the library.