Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A trip to School!

Kris and Tango!!!! Happy in Oak Park!!!!

Karen and Ashby, going to the Children's School!!!!
After we stopped and said good morning to Kris, I thought, "What is it about biking around Oak Park that makes me Totally Depressed????" Since we updated our commuter rides, I've noticed (actually I've noticed for years) that lots of people riding around our area are downright glum on their ride. Why would anybody NOT smile or nod or even acknowledge another rider on the road, whoever they are?  I have passed so many dour commuters this week, they never offer a smile, a nod, a good morning, or anything!!! I usually try something to broach communication but it's nearing time to pull out all the stops. For crying out loud, it's not like we're in Portland and EVERYone is on a bike, we're like, special here in the Western Suburbs.  It's easy to raise a hand, a head, anything.  I've had it, and just to make my point I'm going to start photographing these glum souls who should be working harder at forming community with me and my family as we brave the mean streets of outer Chicago in the state of Illinois.  So there....be prepared to either say a chipper, Good Day or....Cheese!


  1. omg it's the Cheerfulness Vigilante (or as my bro likes to say, village auntie)! i'm scared...

  2. Why should you be scared? you live in the other part of the world where people are nice, just because they're supposed to be, especially if they can be smug and cycling while everybody else is stuck behind the wheel of a car...or has that changed, too?