Thursday, September 23, 2010

The stores are air conditioned

OK, no air conditioning here

So I was out and about today.  I had about three hours, with a minivan, and a laundry list of items to seek out in the retail universe.  What better first stop than an antique store that I've passed many many times?  When I entered, I realized that I had entered a "unique" antique store.  I initiated that I had finally stopped at the store after so many years.  She exclaimed, "well, that's because I'm never open." So I asked: "why are you open today?"  Reply?  "I have to make some money."  And so it went.  I might go back for the sideboard....we'll see if it sticks in my brain.

Then on to Sportmart to buy some gear for teaching.  I've got a spiffy tax exempt form, and although I spent about thirty bucks on PE equipment and two hundred on tennis supplies for my family, I still had the presence of mind to decline the tax exempt status for the racquets, etc... so, i cling, eternally, to the hopes that the ethos of this place doesn't swallow me up.  Really, as Peter said at the dinner table:

Mom could have saved fifteen dollars on those racquets.
 Next stop Dan's Bike Shop, if there ever was a place that totally reflects all that is Berwyn, IL.  I loaded up on headlamps, water bottles, carriers, Dan gave me old reflectors for Addie and Peter's broken ones.  I was in the place for nearly an hour perusing all the stuff that I need to spruce up our commuters.  But then there is the dread bumper sticker drawer.  Years ago, on my very first visit to Dan's I encountered the bsdrawer, and I basically vowed to avoid the place, it seemed too redneck and harsh for me.  Well, here I am, seven years later:
one of the less offensive stickers: I don't get mad...I get even...
 And yes, with 20 minutes to spare who wouldn't stop by the Salvation Army around the corner.  I had quite a discussion with another customer who insisted that society is falling apart and people are too loud in retail settings.  She told of a story in a Family Dollar store where an employee was engaged in a prolonged argument on a cell phone with his (girlfriend/mother) and was screaming a string of profanities.  We agreed that we're all going down, and that this rare retail moment of quiet and kind service was one to be celebrated. By the time I was sifting through my change purse looking for about two dollars to pay for eight short wine glasses, she proclaimed that she was going to beat me, because the pin she was buying was only one dollar and change!  I howled with laughter and agreed that she was a better woman.  Little did she know how much I had dropped at 1. Sports Authority 2. Fruitful Yield 3. Dan's.
and yes, it WAS 89 degrees farenheit on September 23.

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  1. "Mom could have saved fifteen dollars on those racquets."

    Yes, Peter, but then where would our schools be? And you can only imagine the shame that the users of said racquets would feel, knowing that they had been purchased by a scofflaw? It would obviate the joys of tennis.

    "I had quite a discussion with another customer who insisted that society is falling apart and people are too loud in retail settings."

    Was it a loud discussion?