Friday, November 7, 2014

Make Something Every Day.

That's my current motto.  No matter how crummy things feel, start or finish some project that unites sense of self with reality.  Some project that captures an energy whatever that energy is.  In my case, I'm in the house, again, in what's become a perfectly rational refuge.  The season is brilliant and sunny, the news is raining down on us, and here I am, waffling between angst and whimsy.

Josey Baker goodness.
In answer to angst, I'm baking bread.  Working my way through Josey Baker's ridiculously straightforward bread making book.  I wanted to hate him, being all young and friendly-n-all, but he's absolutely spot-on with instructions, great photos, great bread.  I'm a convert.

And then on to this.  I have been avoiding completion of the so-called, "Thickly Invented Cool Season Skirt" for a few reasons.  First, I started it last Spring when I was thinking about doing more on-demand crochet and wanted a super fast work-up skirt to make for other folks.  Since then, I've been doing too much of my own thing and not really worrying about who might want to buy my crochet…after all, I need to dress myself, first!  Second, it's been warm for, well, forever, and there's no need to think about winter when it's not here (no-brainer--this is why we crochet rather than knit….More Fun!).  Third, my mind has been occupied by these massive projects that took over hooking time (afghan? please).

2014-11-07 10.01.48 from karen steward-nolan on Vimeo.

But earlier this week, we found a nip in the air and I started eyeing the full-length down coats at Macy's…hmmm, that could be fun (and expensive)….and then I remembered, just put a chunky wool number on my behind and stick to the cast-off-indestructible Patagonia waist-coat that will last,
practically, forever.  And so I resumed work on this Chartreuse, Coral, Grey skirt that, upon finishing, will do me good.

And not a minute too early for either cool weather, or a roll around the kitchen on my old roller-skates, inspired by friend and neighbor, Jenny, who wants to check out the local Roller Rink.  OK, then, this gal is going to work on some of her old moves….

It would probably not surprise many dear readers that The Unencumbered Woman was quite the roller gal in her day (late eighties).  In fact, when in the San Francisco area, for quite some time, the best thing that somebody could do on a Sunday Morning in Golden Gate Park was grab some quad skates, loosen the trucks waaaay up, and dance with the whole crowd, in a cordoned off, with giant stereos playing, smiles, dancing, fun in the sun.  What memories.  In fact, this is a little what the scene looks like today, still fun after all these years!

And so we soldier on.  Happy to be inspired by the act of creation, happy to be home, happy to be here with family and friends.  Happy to remember exciting times in other places, and happy to cherish food, beauty, and the good sense to continue thinking, breathing, building, for as long and as hard as we can, because sometimes, we can't…and there are a lot of others, who can't, and whole couldn't.  Forget those who wouldn't, since we can't do much about that.  I love this bread.  And I love this skirt.  I love making something, every day.

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