Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thus Unencumbered

Friends know that exactly one week ago I was liberated of my camera and laptop. How terrible! I would miss my everything! Did you back everything up!? Says everyone. Alas, I don't want to get into the details, but there is a way to take this experience and further lighten the load. After all, what am I doing with all this stuff, anyway? And so, here I sit, smartphone in hand, in the shade of my backyard. It's about ninety degrees with a heat index of ninety three. It feels fabulous and the essence of summer. I'm finding that the New Yorker's review of Annie Proulx's new memoir feels accurate to me, but it's readable.


  1. omg you're actually trying to read that?! i have zero interest, it sounds nauseating. you'll have to tell me if i'm wrong... maybe if i were lying in the shade on a hot day i'd be tolerant enough to try it.

  2. Love that the blog is now easy to read on my iPhone. Easier to read than the Annie Proulx book, I imagine.

    My book pick- "Just Kids" by Patti Smith

  3. Annie is Annie. For me, it's a must-read. For anybody else, I guess it serves as cautionary tale about how insufferable we all can be when it comes to home improvement & building.