Friday, November 9, 2012

Encumbered Much?

LF, I know you're out there, and it tickles the cockles of my heart to think that you're checking the UW to see what's new.  Appparently, not much these days, isn't that the way it goes?  Dear friend Michael, days ago, introduced me as the blogger, "The Unencumbered Woman".  He had to go and spoil my rep and include that he believes me to be about as encumbered as a person could get.  Oh Well...but isn't that the point!  How do we play at this feeling of lightness and being in the moment, when in fact, so much of life, for all of us, is heavy, taxing, and difficult.  So for me, today, it was about turning my run into a walk, turning off the telephone, and watching a documentary.  Sometimes a little wallowing in nostalgia and emotionalism can assist in the process of lightening the load, however heavy it feels at times.
So here, my contribution to emotional heft, after a delightfully indulgent viewing of Who is Harry Nilsson?
If it's a movie review that you'd like, I'll keep it simple.  Boy grows up poor and abandoned in Brooklyn, flees to the west coast, meets up with industry types and hits it big with his one-in-a-bajillion-white-boy-voice.  The industry takes himself down, as it will do vis-a-vis vices & dashed hopes and dreams.  Somehow he makes it to his mid-fifties, and everybody from Ringo to Robin Williams fondly remember the roustabout nights engineered by our sweet artist.  For some reason, his young Irish wife provides the anchor for his chaos, although she does nothing to lengthen his life or shorten his self-abuse.  Alas...there he goes, but not without leaving us some badass music.  Go ahead, listen and remember, whatever it is that it all stirs up for you.


  1. Absolutely love this song. Didn't know this about him. Will have to see the movie.

  2. One of my all-time favorite albums - The Point. Thank you, Harry. And thank you, Karen for reminding me.