Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tell me about cycling in the Western Suburbs

Yesterday Jim and I experienced long distance cycling at it's best. It was the first truly hot and humid day of the year and we both wanted to ride at least a hundred miles. We took our time, stopping repeatedly to hydrate and adjust ourselves. Here are a few shots at the fifty mile turnaround.  Fifty miles from home and here we are, in the great wide open plain.
Stats: 93 farenheit
Humidity: 75-85
Miles: 105
Hours out in the world (including stops): 9
Gatorade: 3 large bottles apiece
Other items: two large bags m&m's, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, trail mix, three carb-protein filled bottles (me), 4 water bottles (jim), two bananas, starbuck's iced tea, half-caf-coffee, and a turkey/swiss sandwich.

look carefully, brisk wind out of the southwest which was a headwind up until our turnaround.

there are those who take time during the last weekend of may to meticulously mow lawn.

That way back home.  It looks perfectly do-able now, but by the time we go over about twenty train tracks and stop at a thousand signs and lights, it's a little exhausting.

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