Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote for me!

 So I'll admit I was pretty excited about entering Rejuvenation's Make Your Home Your Own contest, and I had my mass email ready to send out first thing this morning.  The contest is an opportunity to showcase some sort of home improvement project that includes hardware or lighting that the folks at Rejuvenation create and sell.  So I pressed send on my emails at about 6AM and waited for the results to start rolling in.  I jumped on my trainer, got a little bit of exercise, and by 7:30 I got my first email from a friend who complained that the captcha that they had to insert was improperly read. (Captcha, I think, is the squiggly little letters that we have to re-type when we are submitting information that is sensitive to us, such as a one-time vote).  So I started running around the house making sure that everybody had voted (they hadn't) and when Peter complained that he hadn't even received my email I really started pulling my hair out.  According to Addie, she couldn't type in the captcha, either.  At this early stage, almost nobody on the website had received any votes, except some gal in Pennsylvania who had somehow garnered eleven votes, already.  Me, I'm in panic central, but by the time I leave for work we've somehow managed to log at least three votes.  Meantime, I go out into the world and do my day.  Here I am at work, wondering how things are going out there...

It's 10:30....are they voting for me?  Can they get into the site?

When I finally come home at 4:30, I've got a slew of emails from friends who say they've voted for me.  By my calculations this means that I should have no less than 10 votes, and, naturally, more, since I have friends who will vote and not email me when they do so.  Imagine my sadness when I go to Rejuvenation and they've only logged 4 votes for me!  Living in Chicago, I should have learned the tough lesson, by now, that politics are dirty as a rule and if you plan on throwing your hat into the ring you better be well connected and have a thorough plan.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Meantime, my people have another 11 days to get it right and post those votes.  If I can log fifty votes I'll be happy!

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