Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't want buns of steel, I want cinnamon buns

I was out and about in the minivan today and I found our evil twin! Another minivan, driving across Oak Park (actually traversing Forest Park and Oak Park), so I got a shot of the rear, plastered in bumper stickers! I followed the woman around for a few blocks until I think she realized I was there and pulled over. What is it about finding another bumperstickeredvan that makes me so happy? I was particularly pleased with a lot of these stickers. For example: I don't want buns of steel, I want cinnamon buns. Sometimes around here a bumper stickered van will have a lot of sports teams & honor roll proclamations and such, sort of an homage to family fun & achievement in Chicagoland. This was an honest to goodness likeness of somebody wearing their opinion and attitude on the outside!  Go Team!

I am not alone!


  1. Well so did you meet her? Can she be your new friend? Separated at birth? !!! Need the rest of the story!!!

  2. No, but i'm sure i'll run into her at next year's unschooling conference. It's just a matter of time.