Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PRPR, part 2!

Well, my PR came through but I'm a little late in noticing it.  I've got to get my people more organized, I suppose.  But here's the link:Heavy Mettle.
John Frye's wife took an interest in my story and a few weeks ago we had a delightful chat right here in my living room.  John and his wife, Laurie Stuart, are another one of these, pardon the expression, old school Oak Park couples.  I simply love their hippie, ultra-progressive coming of age/coming together story.  They're right out of the Nan Nolan old school Chicago activist play book.  We'll have to discover more about them in the future.  Not only that attracts us all, but John has a distinct Oregon connection.  He has family in my state, plus he's a tremendous runner.  We've discovered each other through the now-legendary Lake Harlem Cycling Group.

On other fronts, today Julie and I drove together to the Chicago Rehab Institute.  This really says something about female middle age ultra distance athletes.  In the car I was talking about my current training, Julie was talking about how fondly she remembers cross-country.  Now, here we are, suburban mothers with chronic injuries.  Alas.  At least we have needles, yarn, and creativity.  I was showing off my fingerless mittens, but I'm even more excited about finishing my first freeform halter top:
My physical therapist is awesome.  She spent the longest time trying to assess why my foot is so freaky right now, and I am eternally grateful.  Then out in the waiting room another patient threw a hissy fit since she couldn't see Annie.  Good gawd, give it a break!  I managed to cheer Tami up w/my current project and talk about needle crafts.  Maybe that's what that poor woman really needs, a cool craft to occupy her crabby mind.


  1. woohoo! awesome article! but omg the halter top is *gorgeous*!

  2. yes, thanks, but i didn't know when to stop. I still don't think it's enough. free form is a true challenge.