Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Old LA meets New

 So our weekend in LA ends. Monday was all about walking around town.  The girls and I made the trek to Peet's and Noah's for breakfast.  I love the parked car right on this pristine Westwood street.  All of the houses are picture perfect CA stucco, with watered lawns and rose gardens.  LA is so inconsistent that it is absoluteley consistent.
The four of us made it up to Franklin Canyon Park for a short hike.  The air was hot but crisp with the scent of eucalyptus.  I warned Ashby that we might encounter a rattlesnake, but after a lifetime of walking and running on western trails, I hardly believed that we would see a snake.

Our trail summits at a fire station

 It took a while to get down the hill.  Due to our poor planning, the sandals that the girls were wearing were pretty slippery on the dry trailbed.  It was also truly hot.  When we were nearly back at the trailhead, Ashby and Peter stopped ahead of Addie and I because they had spotted a rattlesnake!  It was off to the side of the trail, moving along at a very gradual pace.  I was so happy that I had the camera. Much better than the day this summer when the Gogebic 6 spotted the bear with no camera handy.
the camoflauge made taking the shot a challenge

 And then on to one of the tourist draws of LA.  The house where John Cassavetes filmed Woman Under the Influence, with Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands.  Worth the trip, indeed.
see....i am a good mother. I can do this....

Addie's Gena Rowlands....or is it Peter Falk?
And then it was lunch at Home in Hollywood, then the Airport and back home.

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