Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pali & Wedding at Santa Monica Beach

Jim Rockford's trailer park is up the road, in Malibu.
Welcome to the Pacific Palisades.  I always thought that I knew what the Palisades would be like, and from what I saw, my preconception wasn't that far off the mark.  There is, however, one tiny corner of Pali that is ALL about me.  There is a trailer park directly across from the Ocean.  There is even a cross walk that takes a pedestrian or cyclist across PCH (that would be Pacific Coast Highway) and to the beach.  We were standing on a bluff overlooking the trailer park in these photos.  Will and Jen, as usual, have the whole thing figured out.  They are as wonderful and talented as ever, as hard working as ever, and are now positioned only minutes away from year round beach weather.
it is about the sunlight, afterall!

This one is so ready for southern cali.

the consummate host.

All day, every day, play and water & sun.
 And then it was time to sneak into the public restroom to change into our fancy clothes for the wedding.  Only the Steward-Nolans would attempt such a thing....but look at the results!!!!  Addie's dress comes via Jodi, whose hand-me-downs have outfitted the both of us many times. 
witness the shirt dress! Gorgeous!!!

My one and only Betsy Johnson, none the worse for wear, nine years old.

he can pull anything off.
 The wedding on the beach was simply wonderful and we're so happy for S & Xavier.  So many photos were taken, I held off until the reception and stuck to the carousel, at that.  Imagine this...an old fashioned carousel and building all to ourselves for the party!  We loved it.  Later on Addie admitted that perhaps she was dreading a boring wedding, but she said that she had a fabulous night!
Last night was soooo fun!

pure joy!
And so Stephanie's wedding ended.  She was radiant and happy.  Xavier was absolutely riveting.  Stephanie's parents were handsome and lovely and proud.  And so it goes.  Waiting for the next turn in life's course. 

we made it, i can't believe it!

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  1. I love that carousel!
    I love the idea of you riding the carousel wearing the Betsey Johnson even more!