Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The year of the six-pack

the face or the ass
So Jim & I were out running a few weeks ago and he brought his camera.  It was a truly gorgeous day, and we were saying..."how could it be any better?"  It couldn't have been any better. The air was crisp, sun was warm, trees were shady and beginning to turn.  We topped it off with a fabulous LaGrange restaurant that Jim had discovered.

Jim took a few shots of me running, just to prove how happy I was on that day. This, a sign of a true friend.  He knew what I'd do with these photos.  Jim says that the pictures aren't any good  because my face isn't showing.  Doesn't he know that I don't do all this training so my face will look better?

six pack or flab?

And here we are, left with proof of the results of the year of the six-pack. The best I could muster. I was thinking that at the end of the season we could all compare our six packs, for fun, of course, but by the bitter end I could tell that my friends were more sensitive about these issues than myself.At least one person won't let us see their abdominal area, others insist that they need to lose weight in the next few months, some always change the subject, and on and on. What do you expect from a gang of male triathletes who don't even shave down?

Santa Monica Beach State Park
I guess it's really a political hotbed, whether one is willing to display their abdominal region. It must be the Californian in me.  Only days after this photo was taken, I enjoyed being in LA, on the beach.  I was sweetly reminded that there are all sorts of body types in Southern California and everyone is wearing a bikini.  Yes! Sun! Summer! Warmth! Physical Activity! 

Sometime ask me about the jogger in the velvet skirt and tank.  Now That was a great LA moment!

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  1. Yes! California! Where we all let our bellies hang out! Some of the most staunch bikini wearers (dead of winter, rain, hail, whatever) at my pool have the biggest bellies.