Monday, October 25, 2010 had the extra glass of wine, honey.

Today we rolled out of bed, made some coffee, and hightailed it to the corner to watch the annual Frank Lloyd Wright 10K.  It's always fun to spectate after a busy summer slogging through Ironman training. 
Meanwhile, I am near the completion of my first afghan.  It's the '50s pattern that has bedevilled me for nearly a year.  The piece is quite complicated, requiring constant attention and often unravelling.  It's beginning to serve it's purpose now that I'm so far along. 

We saw a lot of our friends running about a mile from the finish.  I was out about an hour before racers passed, so I got a chance to meet neighbors out for their morning routines. We met a guy who used to live across the street, he showed up to chitchat with us carrying a giant lit cigar.  Yes, it's 9AM on a Sunday morning and we're going to watch an athletic event inhaling second hand smoke from a cigar.  We were told by the smoker that, "with cigars you don't inhale."  

We saw Mike, David, Paul, and a bunch of other folks.  I knew that Jack might pull out due to injuries, so it was good to see him come through with big smiles.  I later learned that Mike was running with Jack in order to slow him down

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