Friday, January 14, 2011

NOW We're Talking...

this is all leftover wool from fifties afghans!
I've been banging around, looking for some new Crochet ideas, since the twenty or so needlework projects that I've got going right now don't seem to be enough.  I'm excited about a granny square mini-skirt that I'm working on, but it'll be a while before completion.  Then I stumbled upon a pattern book from the '70s called  The Gypsy Crochet Thing which is sure to rescue me from my current doldrums.  Can you imagine me walking around town with a pair of flared crochet pants?  The other day a fourth grade student asked how old I was....sixty? He asked.  I guess you would have to be sixty to have survived the original Gypsy Crochet Thing, but alas, it's just ol' me, and I LOVE Crochet clothing, with or without the irony.

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