Monday, January 24, 2011

Mondays will get you up and out of bed.

Up and at'em, girlfriend. Stronger & Stronger.
Still here, fighting the good fight.  My friends say I'm doing well.  Loyal follower, you be the judge.  Here's Mom after trying on her sweatsuit that Aunt Betty sent her for xmas.  It's true.  Therapy is progressing.  Mom is able to sit in a chair, and with the help of a walker get herself dressed without any help from me.  Wow.  And yes, this is a woman who was walking, drinking, dancing, shopping and driving only five short weeks ago.  Go figure.  As Pam says: Carpe Diem. 

Fred Meyer parking lot.  Need I say more?  People from my planet are everywhere, but especially Oregon. Duh.
Some people still have the nerve to ask: "How can I possibly be the unencumbered woman with all this drama?".  My reply?  It's a state of mind, girlfriend. It's a state of mind.  No woman is unencumbered, really, but the best of us can laugh at ourselves and sit in the sun for a moment and give Peter a great big hug when we really need it.

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