Sunday, March 11, 2012

Multitasking Installment #2

LF, you know I've tried this before (Multitasking Installment #1), but back then, I sort of figured I wouldn't take the concept too far, but over a year later, and I'm still quite attracted to the idea. After all, this may be the year that I finally ditch road riding for trainer rides.  Let's face it, I don't have a lot of time, I'm not getting any younger, and the roads around here are best ridden in the very early hours, when some of us like to sleep in a little bit after a week of rising early.
Photos courtesy of Peter
 But is it possible?  Is it possible that I achieve any sort of Ironman success this year when so much of my training is performed while on an indoor trainer, multitasking furiously at the crafts and pastimes that I enjoy so much? I don't really know, but the year is young, and at least I'm happy:
Woman in her environment: yarn, bike,  nutrition,
computer, windows,
 What's completely possible, I'm discovering, is that I really can crochet on the trainer, and today I worked the Moebious style loop crochet cowl, which is an almost perfect design for trainer work! It's a giant loop that twists itself in such a fashion that the wrap, or cowl, is worked first on one edge, then the other in a continuos loop. I can actually wear the piece while I'm on the bike! The product is fabulous, and my pattern, designed by Doris Chan, is a delight to work up.  I managed to get myself around this thing a few times today, on what was a long base building heart rate monitored ride.
double crochet, chain1, repeat...quite simple.

And so it goes! I was on the trainer, for quite some time, on a lovely spring day, but then i had plenty of time for a quick outdoor jog, a trip to the park with the kid, and yarn work on the front yard.  The next season is coming! And not just Spring!!!

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