Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's just like riding a bicycle!

Keep the sign, baby!
I did it! I got on my bicycle and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled!  What they say is true! It's like riding a bicycle! I've spent more time away from two wheel vehicles this year than most.  Blame it again on a hectic work schedule and suburban parenthood. Sometimes surrender is a superior option to breakdown, in so many ways.  But I digress.  Saturday and Sunday I took to the road for what turned into quite delightful affairs.  I probably rode a bit further than I should have on Saturday, but cycling is more forgiving than the most brutal of pastimes, running.  So I slow down, take a few breaks, and try to enjoy the scenery.  Check out this photo of Prestige Liquors that I took as I was riding back into town on Sunday.  I had logged well over a hundred miles in two days, was feeling happy but a bit fatigued. I pulled up to one of many stoplights and wow! Who says that Chicagoland isn't beautiful? These old signs can be found all over the place, but are sadly and slowly disappearing.  There's a cake shop sign on North Avenue that Peter hollered that we should acquire and lovingly restore.  And where would we put such a thing?  Dreams are for dreaming, after all.

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