Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember Florence?

Back Off
 Out for a walk in Greentrees with Dad the other day.  This lot looks a bit like Old Oregon.  Lush, a little bit of sun creeping through the evergreens and shrub masses.  Old model pick-up truck, home made carport, moss in the gravel driveway.  Now that I'm back in Illinois...

fighting onset of winter with flowers and boots
I almost can't remember the intense green and clean air.  It's a gorgeous sunny day here, but I've basically frozen myself for two consecutive teaching days.  Maybe I just attempt to put myself out there in the elements here in Illinois too much.  Give it up and stay inside like the rest of us.  Crank the heat, eat terrible food, drink, sleep.
the mobile home behind Dad is a twin of the first one we bought for GT

And here's Dad.  He's lost quite a lot of weight lately so he doesn't look as much like his fit retiree self anymore.  Check out the walking stick! His friend David made it for him, out of a piece of driftwood.  Decorated with 1949, Beavers (OSU) colors.  I've got a few middle aged friends here in IL who insist that there's something wimpy about walking with a stick (or sticks, as the case may be).  I beg to differ...witness!

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