Monday, November 29, 2010

drive thru daquiris

Plaquemine, LA
forever young
 Somewhere between Chicago and Louisiana I heard that Americans are supposed to go out and shop the day after Thanksgiving.  We certainly spent money, primarily on gas to fuel the  van all the way to Plaquemine to celebrate Mark and Ginger's 15th! 
The best host, ever, has contracted illness upon illness, so we all got to cook for him,  and insist he sit on the sofa and nap.  When the 20th rolls around, let's hope he's slowed down enough to add at least 5 pounds to his slight, but ever athletic frame.  What a hero.
 Ginger is proudly wearing the first of my watchcap series.  It's a sixties pattern that I've been carrying around for a very long time.  I'm pleased with the pink, and will make quite a few more, I think.
Pixie Twist

But if you must buy something on Black Friday, it might as well be something that a local proprietor is supplying.
   Lovely Louisiana, with one of the most relaxed alcohol container laws in the country, serves a daquiri that spells "home" to this gal from New Orleans. We learned from the caterer that there IS actually an open container law in LA, and that trick is that the container isn't considered open until the straw is inserted into the styrofoam cup.

witness the straw, witness the drink...
my small contribution to house full o' mad cooks

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