Monday, November 29, 2010

But wait...there's more!

Can you buy this at Best Buy?
 One of our friends from Vermont was explaining this weekend that she doesn't mind eating meat if it is locally grown and produced.  In fact, she's such a stud-ette that she went out and killed a chicken herself.  Now that's the spirit!!!!  Again, you might take a moment to check out my blog posts on the concept of being "chicked".  I think a significant portion of any blog that calls itself unencumbered woman should frequently detail the exploits of rock hard women.  But I digress.

Peter turned to me, "this is beautiful."

After all, we were in Louisiana,  and what better way to complete the Thanksgiving weekend than to go for a swamp tour!  The closest thing to wildlife (other than fowl) that we spotted was strapped to an ATV on a truck bed.  This says as much about the inhabitants of the automobile as our bumper stickers do!  I must say I was less freaked out by this scene than the tea party bumper sticker: Enough is Enough. I sort of thought that was one of my slogans, but I guess not anymore.
The 'gators hibernate in November.
Second longest bridge in US--18 miles long

 I can't do justice to the the tour guide who took us on a 40 seat boat and talked for about ninety minutes.  This gentleman's family has inhabited this swampland area, along with 35 other families, for many many years.  In most places I've lived, we call swamps wetlands, but I don't know about this region.  So, we'll stick to what I heard on the road. Call it a swamp.  We saw egrets, cormorants, water, trees, floating plants and folks out fishing.   And of course, lots of sun for our daylight starved Northern selves.  Ahhh.... is SO incredibly beautiful.

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