Monday, November 29, 2010

Show us what you've got!

Lookin' good pickup truck.
 No sooner had we entered the state of Louisiana than I was lining up at a gas station mini mart to buy a Saints bumper sticker.  Peter insisted: NO bumper stickers on the side of the van.  I pleaded..."but the side of the van is for the regional bumper stickers."  He wasn't having it....and thus I was defeated in one of many arguments about decorations for the mini-van.  I realized quickly, however, that I had purchased the wrong sticker.  Locals seem to prefer the simple fleur de lis, with no sort of other football insignia.  Sort of like the big giant C that we see on cars, vans, shirts, and whatnot around here. 
Hello Kitty Car!
And as for car adornment, I can say that this ever so brief and limited view of the South did not disappoint.  Yes, right there in Plaquemine, I saw a young woman driving a Hello Kitty car.  I was simply delighted.  Bad light for mediocre photo, but I can't help but exclaim that I LOVE this car.
It's a sunny day, we're at the end of the country, at the end of the river, at the end of the world, in a little town that time forgot, and we're not going down without a little bling.  Yes!
So on a trip that began with us being not a little nervous about our own bumper stickers, I had more fun looking at everybody else's flavor.

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  1. can i get a kitty car for christmas? okay that's not how you spell it but come on i want one!