Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't try this at home--beware of pointy things

The needlework wars. You know the sort. I'm sitting at a swim meet, with a giant hook in hand and somebody compliments my knitting.  Or, as often, someone compliments my lovely knitted skirt.  Or, a local yarn store is referred to as a "knitting store". I suppose it goes both ways.  The crochet world holds it's own superiority complex as crochet, with a single hook and improvisation galore, layers of kitsch or ancient lacework, well, let's just say that those in the "know" sometimes wonder why bother with something so puritanical as knitting.  I've pretty much revived my needlework career with the crochet hook, but as a lifelong knitter, I adore both crafts and see their pure perfection in many ways.  That said, I'm also not afraid of just about any yarn art: needlepoint, crewel, stitchery, cross-stitch, even rug-hooking in recent years, as my queue of crochet and knit projects ever expands, but every once in a while an awesome '70s style needlework kit catches my eye. What's my point here? I like it all, and whatever yarn art you might decide to pursue, today, tomorrow, or whenever, there's great work to be done and fabulous ideas galore.

Here's another question, however.  Did you ever wonder which craft was more safe, knit or crochet?  I know I've wondered often about eye strain (both crafts) and repetitive use injuries (i've always sort of thought knitting would damage my wrists and arms more readily), sometimes my forefinger hurts as a result of some hearty hooking with tight crochet.

But today, I made an instant discovery, which many of you wise followers probably can imagine. I was sitting on a crowded bleacher at a swim meet. Peter insisted that I was sitting on MC's iPad, and suggested I stand up.
See that spot? Real Blood!
   I quickly grabbed the sock that I was knitting and stood up, driving the size one double tipped knitting needle into the meat of my quadricep. Yes, today I stabbed myself at a swim meet, and didn't even let out a howl.  I pulled the needle out, thinking it probably wasn't in my leg, it had only penetrated my faded jeans, but alas, after I sat back down and reorganized my yarn work, I saw a small circle of blood accumulate on my jeans.  Fact: knitting is more dangerous than crochet, and today's work proved it.  Good thing my tetanus shot is recent. Funny, my doc suggested I get a tetanus because of all the gnarly cycling I do...don't think she anticipated a dirty ol' metal knitting needle driving into my flesh. Go figure!
Sock #1. Almost finished with #2.

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