Saturday, February 11, 2012

Retail Therapy

What can I say? The end of week nears, and we're still standing.  Lots of things going on, days-long swim meets, work, violent weather. Time for a trip to North Lincoln Avenue to cash in those Rotofugi gift cards and buy a much needed coffee table for the Steward-Nolans.  Now that it's safe in our living room, I'm content to play a Saturday evening game of Charades with the family. Silence surrounds us, but ever connected, we just leave the electronics alone for a short while.  Bedtime approaches, the kids trundle off, ready for all that Sunday has in hold for us.  I check the computer one more time, long enough to put together my comments, really, strong tea and sleep in the works here.
Rotofugi Gift cards. Addie deserves a day out with Mom. 
Coveting this glass amoeba tabletop for a while, time to bring home the hardware.

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