Sunday, February 5, 2012

If loving you is wrong...i don't want to be right.

Peter says that I'm not ever going to get more traffic to my blog because, well, because what I write about is too personal.  Too personal? How is that possible? I don't mention the tiny obstacles that I hurdle each and every day, I rarely photograph my kids, I don't really talk about my neighbors or my co-workers or even my family (OK I talk about my family, but only when newsworthy).  If I don't talk about myself, then, what, really, would I talk about?
So, dear follower, let's weigh in on this one....what should the Unenencumbered Woman be Discussing?  Some of the topics that I've touched upon in the past months are: crochet, parenting, snow in suburbia, surly kids, yarn stores in Oak Park, Ironman training, Ironman Wisconsin, my parents, and my new car.  My argument with Peter, of course, devolved quickly.  I insisted that Pioneer Woman: (knives advertised today) talks about herself and her family all the time.  Hey....let's go over to her blog for just a minute...oh wow....her latest blog post just happens...just happens! to be about a hand game that her daughters play called "I went to a Chinese restaurant..."... I'm stunned. If you must, go to the site and you can watch the false bow/prayer move and the weird hand game song, but I'd just as soon skip it, finally PW admits that some of her traditional americana can be politically incorrect (really?).  So here's my reaction to a successful blogger: "If loving you is wrong...I don't want to be right." (Luther Ingram). So what do I care if I am a successful blogger, anyway? Well, truthfully, I'd like as many people as possible to see my message, whatever it's all about getting my perspective out there into the world, I suppose, but perhaps it is simply about me trying to put something out there that stretches my brain and creativity a little bit more than reading the New Yorker for one more day and drinking coffee with Peter and discussing it....maybe it's about putting something out there that someday, will evolve into something else...and maybe it is, as Roz Chast says, one of the three categories of bloggers: 1/3 stories about crap somebody cooked, knitted or sewed, 1/3 conspiracy theories, 1/3 self promotion:


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