Monday, February 20, 2012

deeper and deeper, into the crochet abyss

Finishing touches just in time to celebrate fifteenth wedding anniversary. This is a refashioned denim skirt that I bought at Brown Elephant, and a top that hangs over just one shoulder. I wore it over a snug, light black tank, perfection. The top itself is actually an invented design, mostly refashioned squares from the Chain Reaction Afghan Project, published by Interweave Crochet.  Instead of bothering with a seam, I just chained a giant cord and wove it in and out of the side edges. It's wonderful! Bright, high quality yarn, super wash wool and organic cotton, it's absolutely delicious!!!!

The skirt is as short as I've gone in years, but it's for over leggings.

chartreuese, turquiose, orange, bold pink, brown. 

The flower on the shoulder was a whimsical afterthought that  seals the thing.

 So, LF, you might wonder why no picture of this fabulous dress on myself?  I don't know, I just can't seem to put it on for a photo shoot. I guess I'm sort of sad that I already wore it and now it's waiting for another good reason to check out this blog in future weeks. Hopefully, I'll be feeling festive enough to turn it on & have somebody take a few shots. For now, this is enough!

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