Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to maintain a life while Ironman training

Dear friend and fellow blogger Kim asked me how I managed to look as if I still had a life while training for Ironman this year.  She loved my response so much I figured I'd post it right here, while I'm enjoying the lunch of champions out by the schoolyard:

How to Maintain a Life While Ironman Training:

1. Ask for help and never turn it down.
2. Live with chaos, especially in regards to tidy house and yard.
3. Accept that projects will take forever (or never) to be finished.
4. Embrace humility come race day...all those extra glasses of wine may not have helped me, but they sure made life more fun.
5. Work out around kids' schedules, even if it's not an ideal training session.

LF: did I miss anything?

Scrambled eggs, brown rice, red pepper and onions, along with fresh squash soup loaded with cumin and cayenne.

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