Saturday, September 3, 2011

One week to go...

This is about it...
 Time to drag out the gear and get organized. The unfortunate side effect of racing only once a year is that this process is particularly daunting.  I've been fussing  over such things as: the condition of my race wheels, whether or not I have enough CO2 cartridges in working order and where I'll carry them, the condition of my "aero" helmet and cleanliness of my pearlized cycling shoes. I've donned my race running shoes and decided that they will be functional on race day, although I'll bring along my daily running shoes. I've received reports of unusually warm water temps, so I'm bringing two wetsuits, one with and one without sleeves. Unfortunately my sleeveless suit is riddled with holes and the sealing compound that I've used in the past to mend holes has dried up.  Race attire, which needs to be supplemented by some cold weather layers, in the event of cooler than usual temps, an abundant supply of nutritional powders, gels, and so on.  Hat for sun, selection of socks, prescription sunglasses with a selection of tints depending on the quality of light come race day.  It's good to start organizing this stuff well in advance, particularly due to the fact that there is no shortage of nervous energy and that I'm not supposed to be training much these days.  Add a dose of unseasonably warm air, and I'm happy sitting on my porch, organizing my toys.
Now, put these on without falling and hurting something!

Race Motto: Be Here Now.

Now we're talking.  Ironman meets badminton.

Coffee. Eternal friend.
Photos courtesy of Peter.


  1. Cool pics. It's especially cool to see everything laid out, and actually kind of remarkable in its simplicity, considering the length of the race.

    I used to be such a tool and equipment junkie, back when I actually bicycled more than a few miles from home. "Chain needs oil? I guess I may as well just overhaul the bottom bracket, while I'm at it." It was a good thing, too, because when I made my long tour, I had all sorts of breakdowns, from self-unscrewing freewheels, to broken spokes, to rattling head sets, to a 2-inch gash in the tire, to (honest) a broken handlebar (it snapped off just as I was setting off for the day, go figure).

    Coffee -- eternal friend, and athletic performance enhancer (but don't tell anyone, it's a secret).

  2. You've definitely got a future as a serious gear-head and cycling junkie. The great thing is, your experience as a wrench gives you a lot more street cred than any ol' triathlete who goes out and buys her/himself an expensive, sexy bike.

  3. I dunno, now and then I think of getting one of those expensive, sexy bikes. It might just be what I need to get out there. My '72 Motobecane Grand Touring is showing its age, not least because of the technological advancements over the decades -- it has but 10 gears, the shifters are on the down tube, and the crank is all steel. But I still like it, because of the nostalgia it evokes for all those hours I spent on it on my long tour, cranking away, sometimes walking (up steep hills and over back trails).

    By the way, apropos of our conversation this morning (somewhat). I think it's pretty funny, if you can get past the sad.

    There's a Starbucks where the Starbucks used to be.

    And apropos of Starbucks.


    Life rambles on.

    Have some fun this weekend (I am serious). And I'll see you on the other side (of the weekend).