Sunday, September 25, 2011

Now that IM is over, what am I gonna do with all that free time???

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Returning to suburban life means that I'm inundated with children's activities and schedules. Carpooling, cooking, cleaning, visiting with friends and of course, back to work at school! But then again, the cessation of training and the absolute avoidance of structured workouts gives me a little time that I forget I sacrifice for the love of sport and fitness. Take today, a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I've just finished a crochet tank that I've been working on all summer:
Doris Chan, crochet goddess pattern

and now I'm organizing patterns, thinking about unfinished projects, and, of course, as all passionate creatives will tend to do, I'm starting new projects left and right!  Cathy and I are trying to brainstorm what we can do with wine bottle corks (I see the use of a hand drill, here). But today I bang around and lo and behold, before I know it I'm following a Russian pattern for a bikini top (in Russian!). There are no limits to the possibilities of new dreams and new dream time.
How cool is this!!!!!
And in case you're wondering if I'm bragging or if there is a kernel of advice here, let me share, or proclaim my advice: take time to let it all slip away. Take time to loll around the house in PJ's, take time to exercise that hobby that sometimes lies dormant.  Take time, even, to lie in bed and watch the sunset after a really hot bath.  I stared out the window last night and let my mind wander through all the emotions and occurrences of this year. When we're so caught up in our routine, no matter what it is, it's so difficult to cherish the odd thought.  Especially those of us who work and/or live with other people. Our thoughts are so often smooshed into a small space as we make room for the ideas and chat with others.  So let go! And maybe you'll be following a Russian pattern, also!!!!

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