Wednesday, September 14, 2011


13:14. I'll take it. I'm already feeling rested and energized. Went back to work today and back in the thick of suburban motherhood. Let's bottom line this thing:
swim: beautiful start, gorgeous sunrise, friend Jack sang anthem before jumping in water, too crowded in water, it ended without incident after 76 minutes.
Bike: gorgeous morning, no wind, bike felt fine for about three hours.    Beyond three hours, there was that nagging stomach ache, sore toe and increasing heat. I started to wonder about running at all.
Transition to running: wonderful to see family as I ran out of the area.

leaving transition area...ready for a marathon, huh?

Mom! Do this!!!!

Peter and Karen chasing down one of the many women out on the course.

And there I go.
 Run? This, as often happens to ironfolk, is where things started to fall apart. I knew from the get-go that my run wasn't going to be exceptionally fast, and I managed an adequate two and a half hours for first thirteen, by walking aid stations each mile.  But it's never great to go from bad to worse and I spent the day thinking my undoing was my own, when in actuality it was a hot run and my body was struggling to maintain systems. However I slice it, I knew I didn't want to destroy myself, and planned to finish healthy, so I did what I needed to preserve myself. Proud, satisfied, tired, sore.  What a training cycle and year it has been.  While I wait for some real IM photos, here are some memories of the season:

our beloved Newport State Park...summer at it's best
climbing camp!
How hot is it today???
Climbing camp!
yippy yo yippee yay snoop's in the house....
sister love. I'll take it.
Cha cha cha...looking good is number one. Taper time!
Green Bay, Crochet, tan, kids on the sand.  I'm done.
Mom!!!! Take pictures of me!!!!
Now we're talking baby!!!! Fun. Fun. Fun!!!!

scenic training rides...
A prince among men. Quiet as it's kept...lucky us....


  1. Nice memories, Karen. I recognize about 50% of the pictures, especially the one of Snoop -- he showed up at Manny's and sat at the table next to us, didn't he? And then you offered him some tabasco?

    Congrats on (yet another) IM well done. If you finish the race without crashing, or ending up in either the penalty tent or the medical tent, doesn't that mean you won the event?

    Next year, maybe you'll do a real race, Big Shoulders!

  2. It was an incredible performance. We are all so proud of you!!

  3. Thank you! Yes, in my dreams Snoop ate at Manny's with us, but I think he's busy with something in LA. As for next year, I'm signed up again for IM Wisconsin, so it'll have to wait. What was an incredible performance was Jack's anthem, and look, you actually DID get it taped!